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Melanie Durrant Talks About Greatest Of All-Time Artists

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Toronto’s Melanie Durrant speaks about some of the greatest artists of all-time. Being a Motown alumni, the songstress took it old school by dropping the names of Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Prince.

The soulful singer also paid homage to what many consider to be the original diva. Diana Ross was a superstar in hey day that broke grounds being a black woman in the music industry in the civil rights era. The queen of Motown helped make Berry Gordy’s Detroit imprint into an empire and legend that would impact the lives of millions of people around the world. She would first gain fame with The Supremes before breaking out on her own.

The blueprint from Motown Records would later be used in the 90’s decade and early 00’s with Beyonce when she broke out from her iconic Destiny’s Child group. Melanie Durrant speaks about her impact and how she presented herself to the world. Durrant explained the rivalry Diana Ross had with Mary Wilson and how although she may have had the better vocals, that Ross knew how to perform and put across her music.


Wilson called the name change from The Supremes to Diana Ross & The Supremes as “the worst thing that ever happened to us.” “Diane always liked to be the center of attraction,” Wilson told People in 1986. “If you happened to be in her way while she was going toward the center, that was your fault.”

The topic of hip hop came up and the current poll running with the G.O.A.T. series. Melanie Durrant was asked who is the greatest female rapper of all-time and she had no hesitation saying that Lil’ Kim was greater than Nicki Minaj because she was the blueprint. Stay tuned for the full interview that is apart of Episode 7 of Shea Marie Diva & Vixens Podcast.


In the upcoming podcast, Melanie Durrant gives almost an hour entertainment as she delves into many topics. She provides commentary about the latest escapade with fellow Toronto artist, Drake, who caught headlines earlier this week for sticking it to a women with hot sauce. Check out the clip below.

Melanie Durrant also has a new album that is available in traditional vinyl and also all major streaming platforms.