Melle Mel Says DMX & Tupac Raps Weren’t Better Than Their Acting

Melle Mel recently said that he believes DMX and Tupac were better actors that they were rappers. Moreover, this comes from the same The Art Of Dialogue interview that held some other hot takes from the Furious Five legend. For example, readers may remember that, while referring to Billboard‘s best rappers of all time list, he said Busta Rhymes is better than Jay-Z. However, this most recently released take might be the most controversial of them all. While a lot of people might feel a bit more strongly about his Eminem takes, this is certainly another level of skill assessment.

“I thought Tupac was a better actor than he was a rapper,” the 61-year-old began. ” I thought DMX was a better actor than he was a rapper. Because it’s that persona and when you take a guy like that and you put them in front of a camera… I mean, DMX, he was a pretty good actor. He could have just stayed within himself and been more dedicated to what he was doing.

Melle Mel Says Tupac & DMX Are Better Actors Than Rappers

Method Man, he’s a good actor,” he continued. “Ludacris a good actor. Because it’s almost the same thing. If you got a persona it’s almost like you acting anyway. So, when you put that same guy in front of the camera, there you go! Mos Def, I thought he was a hell of an actor.” Even though he showered these figures with praise, many thought he downplayed their importance on the mic. Still, it wouldn’t be the first time people disagreed with his takes. The one that really set people off was his claim that Eminem is only considered a top five rapper because he’s white. After backlash ensued, he responded to the outrage.

“We’re responsible for the genre,” he stated. “We’re the biggest influences in the genre, and if you ask anybody that knows anything about true Hip Hop, they will tell you that. If you ask anybody that calls themselves an MC, they will be the first to tell you that there is no modern day rap or Hip Hop of that nature if it wasn’t for Grandmaster Flash, if it wasn’t for the Furious Five, if it wasn’t for Melle Mel, if it wasn’t for [Keef] Cowboy.”


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