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Method Man Details Why He Hasn’t Watched Wu-Tang TV Series

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During an appearance on Kevin Hart’s Gold Minds podcast, Method Man, a legendary member of Wu-Tang Clan, touched on a variety of topics with the comedian.


When asked about his thoughts on Hulu’s television series Wu-Tang: An American Saga, which portrays the story of the Wu and their rise to global success, he gave a candid response. He praised Wu-Tang founder RZA for changing the game and explained that before their group came out, no one had ever heard of groups making one giant deal while still being signed to other labels.

Later in the interview, Method Man mentioned that seeing the story come to fruition on screen was a no-brainer, but he hadn’t watched any episodes of the finished product. He told Hart that many liberties were taken creating the script due to some of the members having “open cases.” Moreover, he didn’t want to interfere with the creative process and understood the need for embellishments and creative liberty to bring their story to the big screen.


Method Man explained that sometimes you have to step back and keep opinions to yourself. Hart asked if it was because he didn’t want to put his energy towards something creative that he didn’t align with, to which Method Man replied that he hit the “nail on the head.” The Hip Hop icon concluded that not everything is for everyone and that he gets the scripts ahead of time.

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