Method Man has turned full-time actor with his role on Ghost Power Book IV and a brief run on Godfather Of Harlem with Forest Whitaker. His role as a crooked lawyer with a high level of skill has kept viewers in awe. This a long way from being the hip hop artist on the grind coming up in the rap scene in the 1990’s.  It may seem to be a smooth transition, but the rap icon revealed that things haven’t been easy behind the scenes.“The higher-ups, the so-called gatekeepers didn’t have much use for a 44-year-old rapper,” Method Man said, referring to the shift that the music industry has gone through. “I guess my background turned some people off. Some people aren’t willing to give you a chance, especially when you’ve already had one and you kind of squandered it.”

“There was a changing of the guard in hip-hop. I was cool with that. I had to evolve with the business and if that meant acting, so be it. I was going to throw all my eggs in one basket,” he added. When asked about his ongoing reputation as a Rap sex symbol, Meth admitted that he doesn’t “understand that sh*t” and being viewed in such a way was never his goal.

“People like attention. I’m the same as everybody else. But at the end of the day, take me seriously, not lightly.” Check out more from the Power star’s Essence story below.

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