The Rocky movie franchise is an all time great series that generations of movie fans have loved for years. Sylvester Stallone was the leading man of that classic. When it was announced that one of its popular characters in Apollo Creed was going to get its own spinoff, there was hesitation by some of the die hard fans to leave well enough alone.

Well, Creed, has become a popular mainstay as fans accepted the “son of Apollo” portrayed by Michel B. Jordan. There will be a third installment and it will apparently be directed by Jordan which was confirmed by his co-star Tessa Thompson.

During an interview with MTV, Thompson joked that she plans to tease Jordan for his People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” award victory: “It’s gonna be ammo, I think, for me when he is engaging with me as a director,” she joked. “I’m just gonna tell him to dial down the sexiness.”

She also revealed a timeline of when the movie may be production: “We’re not gonna make [the movie] until later [next] year. Who knows what happens? … I don’t know if he’ll still be the Sexiest Man Alive in six months. It could be Nnamdi [Asomugha].”


We’re going to make another Creed very soon, and I don’t need this. I just don’t need it. I don’t need any of it. It’s too much for me to shoulder. It’s too much for me to handle. No, I’m proud of him. I’m so happy for him. And I will give him a lot of crap about it in person and I cannot wait. … I need to start developing pranks around all that.

Check out the interview with MTV in the video below.