Michael Jackson At Summer Jam 2001 In New Unseen Footage

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New footage has been unearthed off Jay-Z’s Summer Jam set in 2001 where he brought out the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Hot 97’s Summer Jam has been apart of some of the biggest moments in music over the decades. This was not more apparent than the night “The King Of Pop” made a rare appearance at a hip hop event. When in the New York area were surprised with a Michael Jackson appearance, the stock value of Jay-Z in the music world increased in value for his big reveal. The 2001 edition of Summer Jam will forever have a place in hip hop lore as  Michael Jackson embraced the era of hip hop to start the millennium.summer jamFor the first time ever, the full performance of Jay-Z’s performance emerged on YouTube. The grainy footage was shot from a higher angle, and captures the very moment when Michael Jackson joined Jay-Z on stage. The King Of Pop emerged to roaring applause and throwing up a peace sign to the crowd before briefly stating, “I love you all.” The footage was shared on Twitter by FakeShoreDrive’s Andrew Barber after the full performance was uploaded to HipHopVCR.

Ralph McDaniels has some footage that was never released. He did say that Michael Jackson’s team was very strict on filming during “The King Of Pop” entrance into the stadium on that fateful night.  McDaniels admitted “you knew it was big” in terms of the moment happening, but “everything was big at the time,” due to hip hop acts being the hottest thing at the time at the event.

The full footage of the performance also contains the infamous live debut of Jay-Z’s “Takeover” at the Nassau Coliseum on June 28th, 2001.