Michael Jackson, RACISM And The Cola Wars


Many consider the time period of 1980-1987 was the height of the Michael Jackson phenomenon with 1983 being the absolute peak right after the Motown 25 special.

Michael Jackson was loved around the world and was considered a juggernaut of entertainment and one of the biggest brands. This fact led to Jackson being approached to deals of all kinds, but even the “King Of Pop” had to deal with racism.

The first international pop star to become a spokesperson for Pepsi was Michael Jackson. While filming an ad in 1984, a pyrotechnics stunt went wrong and badly burnt Jackson. The accident would leave Jackson addicted to painkillers for the rest of his life.

Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercials were some of the most iconic from the 1980s, never before had a pop superstar been so closely linked to a corporate identity. Here’s the story behind this remarkable collaboration.