Michael Jackson Trends After Boosie Claims He Would Lose Versuz Battle

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Michael Jackson has been gone for years now, but the legendary figure still pops up on G.O.A.T lists and conversations to this day. During a conversation with Vladtv, rapper Boosie made it be known that he would choose R. Kelly over Michael Jackson in a “Versuz” battle.

“He can’t f*ck with no R. Kelly. Stevie Wonder can’t f*ck with no R. Kelly! Let’s keep it real man… I don’t give a damn what he did, who he f*cked. I know he f*cked up, but when it come to talent, we cannot take this away from R. Kelly ’cause you don’t take it away from Michael Jackson, so we ain’t gonna take it away from R. Kelly.”

There are some who agree with Boosie, but there seems to be more against his believe that R. Kelly would take a win over Michael Jackson. The “King of Pop” started to trend online after the video with Boosie went viral.