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Michael Jackson vs. Beyonce | Online Debate

Beyoncé – Michael Jackson
Who Is The Better Artist?
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Hey you know Venom is online many times and bumps into videos online. One interesting video was about a discussion between Michael Jackson vs Beyoncé and started to think about their careers and decided to make an article about. Beyoncé as a little girl adored the legendary artist Michael Jackson. There is even a video proving how much as a little girl she idolized MJ as she prepares to attend a concert. Ironically years later Michael Jackson would become a fan of Beyoncé as well.

The two artists would end up with similar fates as Beyoncé became a teen sensation just as Michael Jackson before her. She was the lead singer of her group Destiny’s Child, while Michael Jackson was the little boy superstar for the Jackson 5ive. Their history in music is well documented as we have archival footage of their auditions for a record deal.

Beyoncé has never been shy about letting the world know how much Michael Jackson inspired her to be a superstar artist as shown below.

Earlier this year Beyoncé had the worldwide in awe with her performance at Coachella that had people making comparisons to the King Of Pop Michael Jackson. It all started when Wendi Williams put the notion out there that Beyoncé had now surpassed Michael Jackson. It then spread onto artists such as Chance The Rapper proclaiming Michael Jackson never had a performance as well as Beyoncé at Coachella.

I would like to add my two cents and say that the time periods of these two legends can’t be dismissed which I think a lot of these debates I see online do. When The Jacksons came onto the scene it was a completely different world compared to Beyoncé’s entrance into the music world. The 90’s saw huge change with independent labels that were moving millions of records led by young African American people such as Suge Knight and Diddy.

In Michael Jackson’s day the only real shot artists had at making onto the world stage with an independent label led by an African American was Motown Records. Berry Gordy had a vision to make his artists go mainstream in an era that was coming off Jim Crow and was riddled with issues that were being tackled by the civil rights movement. With that said it is interesting to take notice of current day discussion about comparing Michael Jackson who helped to break down the color barrier on MTV for African American artists and created records that are still not broken. On the other hand Beyoncé is no doubt one of the biggest celebrities on the planet in recent times and has created an undeniable impact herself. I do sometimes think that those that came before who were studied later by greats at times do get their accomplished downplayed because the aspect of being the blueprint gets lost in debates, but I’ll save that issue for another time. Below is a another discussion and it is interesting to see the varying points about Michael Jackson vs Beyoncé.

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