Michael Jackson Will Stay In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

michael jackson

The fallout for the legendary Michael Jackson in terms of being muted will not occur with the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame. The institute will not remove the pop icon from its shrine and will not partake in the “Mute Michael Jackson” campaign that some people have been involved with. 

According to TMZ, “MJ’s two slots in the HOF will stay put and won’t be removed or altered in any way” and the Hall of Fame executives remain steadfast that the legend was voted into the establishment twice by historians, fellow musicians, and music industry professionals.

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson went into the Hall Of Fame for being a member of the iconic Jackson 5 in 1997. He was also enshrined in 2001 for his solo efforts by ‘NSYNC. 

His sister Janet Jackson is going to be inducted on March 29th and there is speculation on whether or not she will make any public statement about the documentary film “Leaving Neverland”. 

The committee will also not remove any memorabilia from its building in Cleveland. This was not the case in a children’s museum in Indianapolis.  They recently removed three pieces of MJ memorabilia items due to the allegations by made in the film “Leaving Neverland”.