Michael Jackson’s “Billboard” Record Tied By The Weeknd


The Weeknd has equaled Michael Jackson’s achievement on the Billboard chart of having multiple No. 1 hits from three different albums. Michael Jackson accomplished this feat with Off The Wall in 1979, Thriller in 1982, and Bad in 1987, while The Weeknd attained it with Beauty Behind The Madness in 2015, Starboy in 2016, and After Hours in 2020.

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On Monday, The Weeknd’s duet with Ariana Grande, “Die For You,” rose to the top of the Hot 100 chart, earning him his seventh No. 1 hit. The song is included on The Weeknd’s Starboy album. The Weeknd celebrated his accomplishment on Instagram the following day, using a star emoji in his caption.


The Weeknd & Ariana Grande

The new feat is far from the first historic Billboard accomplishment The Weeknd has achieved. With the release of Dawn FM, he earned 24 songs on the Global 200 chart, six of them coming from the album. Those included “Sacrifice,” “Take My Breath,” “Gasoline,” “Out of Time,” as well as “Is There Someone Else?” and “How Do I Make You Love Me?.” It was the first time a male artist had ever done so. Kanye West and Drake have both come close, however, with 23 and 22, respectively. The Weeknd has also broken the all-time record for most monthly global listeners among all artists on Spotify.

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The Weeknd was even compared to Michael Jackson by Timbaland in 2022, following the release of Dawn FM. “Yo… this album different y’all. This shit right here, this on some Thriller shit,” the iconic producer said at the time on social media. “Trust me when I tell you. And the way he dropped this shit, yo. Congrats, this shit is amazing.” The video went viral with people arguing both sides of the opinion.

The Weeknd’s Response


Congratulations to Canada’s The Weeknd on this tremendous feat on the competitive Billboard Charts.


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