Michael Jackson’s Game Changing Career Moments

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On June 25th in 2009, the internet broke when Michael Jackson was announced dead. Today we celebrate one of the most transcending artists in the history of music. Many generations declare “The King Of Pop” as the greatest of all-time. Today on the list, we look at his 10 most trailblazing moments in this special old school Saturday countdown.


Number ten trailblazing moment is the fashion sense of MJ. The debut of the white glove and zipper jacket that had a nation of breakdancers to rock ‘n roll fans copying his style.

Number nine is Michael Jackson’s Pepsi endorsement deal setting the trend for artists to have huge money making deals, but it was his hair catching on fire that most people remember most from the deal.
Number eight is the King of Pop leading multiple generations of artists from different genres for collaboration of “We Are the World.”

Getting the number seven position is Michael Jackson and tabloids. Today we have social media, but the 1980’s had tabloid media. MJ was a precursor to artists today who use social media to further promote themselves and their music.


At number six is Michael Jackson acting in The Wiz with Diana Ross. It showed Motown’s young artist had crossed over into film which is commonplace in today’s music world.

Ranking at number five is the debut of The Jackson five on television. They were known as the black version of the beatles as they become pop culture icons.

At number four is Michael Jackson dominating award shows in the 1980’s such as the Grammys in 1984 and his 1988 Grammys performance.


Top 3 game changer by Michael Jackson is the king of pop being a television event. Today’s new generation of music fans are accustom to events on television, but in the 1980’s Michael was king of big ratings event. That would continue with him changing the halftime Superbowl into a musical event and BET Awards when he bridged the generation gap with James Brown.

Number two position is Michael Jackson debuting the moonwalk to the mainstream and incorporating a new way of fusing dancing with singing on a major league level. The biggest game changer at number one Michael Jackson did for the music business was the artform of music videos known as visuals today.