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Michael Jackson’s Thriller Gets Tribute By Roddy Ricch & Karrueche Tran

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roddy ricch
#FridayFlashback as hip hop artist, RoddyRicch Pays tribute to classic Michael Jackson Thriller music video with Late At Night featuring KarruecheTran as OlaRay.

In a recent interview with Nick Cannon, Roddy Ricch let the cat out of the bag when he announced iconic Director X was working on his next visuals. Nick Cannon about what he has on the horizon.

“The next one that’s comin’ out is called ‘Late At Night’ so, let’s just how they—I just want to see how they like the visual,” said the rapper. “Me and X went in on it, I got to co-direct with him and you know, just set a whole vibe, tell a whole story through the music video. Couple special guests on there, so I just wanna see how they gon’ react to this and then let it continue.”

The project is now seen with visuals that pay homage to the 80’s pop culture as we see Mr. T, Madonna, Run DMC, and more in the music video.