Michael Jordan Not Fan of Load Management In NBA



jordanThe NBA has seen many changes to the game over the years and one of those changes includes resting players during certain games throughout the regular season.. The phenomenon of “load management” went to new heights when the Toronto Raptors became the NBA Champions when Kawhi Leonard was at full force during the playoffs.

This was made possible due to the Raptors giving Kawhi Leonard time to rest during the regular season and avoid unnecessary exertion for their asset by giving him “load management”.  However, there is a group of fans and critics who believe this shortchanges the NBA regular season and cheats the fans of seeing top players perform when there is the system of load management in play.

Some believe that the players are paid to play the full 82 game season and one of the greatest players of all time is in agreement. Orlando Magic coach Steve Clifford spoke to  Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News  about load management and mention Michael Jordan and his opinion of the new NBA strategy.

“Our guys aren’t used to sitting on the second game of a back-to-back.… We’re not sitting guys just to sit,” Clifford said. “For me, my background frankly, it all goes back to expectations. Being with Michael in Charlotte, Michael used to tell them every year, you’re paid to play 82 games.”

The television networks can’t be happy with this “load management” system either as it takes away star players for certain games which in turn can hurt ratings and advertising.