Michael Jordan is one of the most heralded athletes in the history of sports. There have been some debate over the years with other athletes being compared from his sport, but it is undeniable there is only one “Air Jordan.” His mainstream appeal continues decades after his last game as evident with the ratings bonanza that was the “The Last Dance” documentary.

Having said that, NBA 2K23 is coming out in the fall and since “23” is literally in the title, they have decided to make Jordan the cover athlete for the Championship Edition, as well as the Michael Jordan Edition. You can see a trailer for these two versions of the game, down below.

The game will feature two versions of MJ, including one from the 1980s and another from the 1990s. 2K has added legends to the game before, although MJ’s inclusion 2K23 will definitely come with quite a bit of fanfare. Jordan is one of the most popular athletes ever, and putting him on the cover will certainly add to sales.

As for the release date of the game, it will be dropping on September 9th. Pre-orders for the game begin on Thursday, July 7th.