Michael Jordan said Steph Curry ‘isn’t a Hall Of Famer Yet

golden state warriors

The basketball legend Michael Jordan who won multiple NBA Championships sat down with “Today” and gave a statement that has perplexed some fans and critics about the two-time MVP Steph Curry.

The interview obviously became fodder for some people online and the reactions have come from all sides of the coin including the former NBA Champion Golden State Warriors.

As expected people are trying to analyze exactly what Michael Jordan was implying with the comment. Was he speaking literally as this Twitter account assumes?

It seems that Steph Curry currently has the numbers of a Hall Of Fame career as statistically put by another Twitter account. 3x Champ 2x MVP 6x All-Star Best FT% 5th best 3P% 3rd most 3P made (606 fewer games than Allen) 50/40/90 season (1 of 8 players) 17th best career PER.