Michael Jordan’s 1984 Game-Worn Nike Sells For $1.5 Million

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Michael Jordan fifth-ever NBA game shoes went on sale and it got purchased for $1.5 million dollars to a buyer according to NBC Los Angeles.

Michael Jordan’s NBA career is legendary and his shoe game is just as iconic. As Jordan rose to prominence in the league as its premier player, so did his shoes across the world on playgrounds, streets, and schools. The popularity of his shoe line allowed the basketball icon to eventually broker a deal to have has his very own brand with Nike.

Before his shoe accolades took off in the 1980’s, hardcore shoe fanatics know that “Air Jordan 1” wasn’t the first sneakers Jordan wore during his rookie season with the NBA. What Jordan wore on ball courts in arenas around the country was actually the Nike Air Ship.

Recently, Sotheby’s was able to secure a pair of signed, game-worn Air Ships from Jordan’s fifth game as an NBA rookie. Jordan wore these white and red shoes against the Denver Nuggets, and despite being 37 years old, they are still in great shape. According to reports, the shoe has now sold for a whopping $1.5 million which breaks a record for the most expensive shoes ever sold at auction. Memorabilia is more expensive than ever before, and these Nike Air Ships are a great example of that.