Michael Jordan’s Basketball Sneakers May Sell for $110,000+

LEGENDS & ICONS IN SPORTS - Kevin Douglas Article


The legend of Michael Jordan is like no other in sports. He helped to make the NBA one of the most revered sports leagues on the planet. His drawing power also caused Nike to become dominant in the shoe industry. Now his shoe is being put up for sale because of its historical importance.

The media outlet, Inside Edition reports on this business move stating, ” Buying a pair of Michael Jordan’s sneakers isn’t going to magically give you the ability to dunk. But that won’t stop people who are ready to spend between an estimated $110,000 to $160,000 to own a piece of basketball history.

Even with the luxury price tag, Sotheby’s Auctions is feeling pretty confident given the way the celebrity sneakers market has gone lately. They recently sold a pair of Nike Air Yeezys for $1.8 million dollars”.

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