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Michael Jordan’s Father’s Killer Possible Parole Forthcoming

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Michael Jordan has lived a prosperous life that led to one of the greatest NBA careers in history. However, during his hey day the iconic ball player faced adversity of enduring the murder of his father. Jordan bought his father a red  Lexus  as a gift, but  to some onlookers because a curse  as he saw his death by being shot and killed in the automobile.

In the summer of 1993, 56-year-old James R. Jordan, Sr. pulled over into a North Carolina rest stop on his way home from a funeral.   Daniel Andre Green and Larry Martin Demery, the men behind the murder, then stole the car and dumped James’s body over a bridge.  Inside the vehicle were two NBA championship rings   which were stolen and the men had realized they murdered the father of Michael Jordan.

He wasn’t located until 11 days later. It took another 10 days to properly identify him because of the state of composition. He was laid to rest on August 15th of 1993.

The two men were eventually convicted of murder of James Jordan.

According to TMZ, 27 years later, 44-year-old Demery is up for parole. In 1993, Demerey reportedly pleaded guilty to first-degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. That year, Michael spoke with Oprah Winfrey about his father’s slaying. The talk show host asked the basketball legend if he would ever want to sit down with the two men that killed his dad.

“No, because I don’t want to know,” he said. “Because it probably would hurt me even more just to know their reasons. Because if it is, it’s going to be totally meaningless for the reasons. It’s better that I don’t know.”