Michel’le Refutes Kurt Kobane Claims That She Caught Dr. Dre Being Homosexual

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Death Row producer Kurt Kobane is stirring the pot with his interview with The Art Of Dialogue concerning Suge Knight, Tupac Shakur, and Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre who is currently in the public eye over his very headline worthy divorce proceedings with Nicole Young. A fellow Deathrow producer from back in the day took the time to speak on the iconic hip hop producer and rumors surrounding his sex life.

According Kurt Cobain, Michel’le—who was in a relationship with Dre in the 1990s and is the mother to his son Marcel—told Tupac Shakur that she caught the producer in bed with a man named Bruce.

The Neighborhood Talk exclusively reported that Michel’le denied the claim, calling it a lie. She reportedly added that she had several talks with Tupac, but none of them were ever about Dre’s sexuality. The outlet also claims that the singer was “shocked” that someone would “make something like that up.”

Check out clips below of the Kurt Kobain interview and Michel’le denial.