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Mike Epps Wants Kenya Barris To Assist On Richard Pryor Biopic

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richard pryor

The life and times of Richard Pryor is a Hollywood story in itself. He was a groundbreaking comedian during his hey day and was a trailblazer for black America in entertainment.

Pryor was known for his stand up comedy which led to television shows and movie roles. Many people have been anticipating a biopic on the legend, but it hasn’t come to fruition.

Years ago, rumors of Nick Cannon was developing a Pryor biopic of his own, starring himself, but that never came into fruition. Then, there were also talks of comedian Mike Epps starring as the late icon, but that project was never completed, as well.

Epps has taken to social media to once again petitioning for a film to be developed of the iconic comedian. “I believe I can win a Oscar for the culture if I had the chance smh believers vs nonbelievers #richardpryor they sleepin on us y’all,” the actor wrote in the caption. Then, he called on Coming To America (2020) filmmaker Kenya Barris for a little help. “@kenyabarris we need this for the people.”

Would you support a Mike Epps or Nick Cannon version of Richard Pryor? Let’s hope whatever the case, Pryor gets his well deserved biopic.