Mike Tyson Makes 2nd Appearance In AEW Ring



Mike Tyson made noise this past weekend when he returned to the squared circle in AEW. He made the showing to present a championship belt, but as with pro wrestling there was more than just what originally appears. He ended up in a squabble with the performers during his segment.

The former heavyweight boxing champion of the world returned again on Wednesday night on AEW’s weekly show entitled “Dynamite” as it got explosive when Mike Tyson kicked off a benches-clearing brawl by shoving Chris Jericho. The icing on the cake included UFC star Henry Cejudo who ended up in the middle of it all!!

It began when Jericho called out Iron Mike for betraying him during a WWE match back in 2010.

Cejudo is retired from the UFC as of this month and many fans of the sport are hoping that he will follow suit like former MMA stars like Ronda Rousey and Ken Shamrock into the wacky world of wrestling.

Jericho and Tyson got into a shoving confrontation that Cejudo intervened. It begs the question if Tyson will be back again in an actual pro wrestling match?