Mike Tyson Returns To Ring In AEW’s Title Match



Mike Tyson was proclaimed the “Baddest Man on the Planet” in 1998 when WWE boss, Vince Mmcahon, debuted him in the world of sports entertainment in the build up for WrestleMania. He made headline news all over the world for the WWE and it was a pivotal point in helping the then struggling WWE against its then competitor WCW during the legendary Monday Night War era.

Now in the year 2020, WWE has new competition with AEW and they have brought back Mike Tyson who has recently been gaining a lot of traction online about a comeback. His training videos have shown the world that he is still in shape for his age.

Tyson’s role was to present the championship belt to the winner of the title match, but he went above and beyond that similar to how he helped to crown “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at WrestleMania in 1998. After Archer was flung from the ring, Tyson got involved and took his shirt off. He flexed for the cameras and as Archer tried to get back in the ring, Tyson kept him at bay and taunted him while saying “Fuck You.”

Mike Tyson would eventually present the championship to Cody Rhodes. Everyone knows that Tyson is a huge pro wrestling fan and perhaps he may get into the squared circle or maybe it was just a testing of the waters to see how much he could still draw on the ppv market for a return to boxing. Time will tell.