Mike Tyson Speaks On Possible Next Opponent In A Boxing Ring


Mike Tyson dominated the world of boxing decades ago, being a great boxer has people wondering how he would fare in modern times.

Having one of the hardest punches ever, he was an attraction for boxing as in the days of Muhammad Ali. These days, Tyson has been more than happy to run his cannabis business while also hosting an incredibly successful podcast. This success has been fun to watch, and there is no doubt that fans are curious about the legend’s future endeavors. After all, he did fight Roy Jones Jr. in 2020.


However, that fight against Jones Jr. was ultimately overshadowed by Jake Paul’s knockout of Nate Robinson. Regardless, Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson put on quite the show, with the match ending in a tie. Subsequently, fans have been clamoring for a rematch. Moreover, there was a sense that Tyson would fight Evander Holyfield. Unfortunately, that fight ended up falling through due to a dispute over money. With all of that being said, there seems to be a real appetite to see Iron Mike fight again.

Mike Tyson Speaks

Overall, the appetite for a Mike Tyson fight is still very much there. However, someone is going to have to drop the bag for it. Considering how much these YouTube stars are pulling in, surely someone will drop some cash to see Tyson duke it out with someone.