Moesha Will Get A Reboot According to Brandy

Thursday Throwback


Brandy is an accomplished singer and was recently a major character on the now canceled “Star” tv drama. However, her acting skills have been put into action long before the Fox series. Brandy was the star of a comedy series entitled “Moesha” and was a hit with her teenage and early adult demographic.

It’s been 18 years since Brandy has played Moesha.  There have been rumors that a reboot was in the works for years, but now the conversation turns into reality.

Brandy Norwood was a guest at Sheryl Lee Ralph’s  DIVA Foundation event. Ralph portrayed the stepmother of Moesha which starred Brandy. William Allen Young who played Moesha’s father, Frank Mitchell, in the series was also in attendance at the event. Lee asked Brandy, “We would like to know, would you like to do a ‘Moesha’ reboot?”

Brandy said, “Yeah! Absolutely,” before adding, “I’m here to solidify that we’re gonna bring Moesha back.” Both Sheryl and William seemed just as surprised as the audience by the news. “There you go. You heard it right here,” Lee stated. “You will have a ‘Moesha’ reboot.” The series also starred  Marcus T. Paulk, Lamont Bentley, Yvette Wilson, Shar Jackson, Ray J, and Countess Vaughn. Sadly, Lamont Bentley died in a car crash 14 years ago, and Yvette Wilson succumbed to cervical cancer in 2012.

Issa Rae who has been behind such hits as “Insecure”, always shows homage to the tv shows that inspired her work. Last year, she did a tribute to Moesha and Brandy showed appreciation for the shout out. It only goes to show the extent to which the show has made an impact on the lives of those who viewed it.