Monie Love & Melyssa Ford Clear Air Over 2Pac & The Game

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Miss Jones appeared Drink Champs and declared that Monie Love had sexual relations with her and the iconic Tupac Shakur.

Now the “Monie In The Middle” rapper has appeared on Drink Champs to clear the air on the situation back in the days involving the three of them. When Miss Jones was on the broadcast she let the world know that she had spent a lot of time together with Tupac and Monie Love during their early days in the business on the road.

I’m gonna tell you about the party,” Miss Jones said. “So Pac came and we’re walking and it’s like the music stops. Everyone else hears the music, but I’m with Monie and he stops and he looks at us and then…so like, we know what the look means and we figure it out. It was a good night and that was it.

While Miss Jones story hinted at a possible three way with the two, N.O.R.E and DJ EFN was still a bit confused on what she was implying.  “So Pac and Monie had some relations?” EFN asked to which she responded,

“well no, it was just the three of us, the three of us just talked for a long time.”


Monie Love appeared on Drink Champs to debunk that claim which many people assumed that the three of them had relations together. She explained that in those days, she and Tupac were not really known at the time and would end up being roadies bunking together when Shock G of Digital Underground would have guests in his hotel room.

Toronto’s Melyssa Ford also showed up on the podcast to call out The Game over dissing her in a song a few years ago. She believes the hip hop icon from the West Coast was in love with her and didn’t know how to express himself. Check out the clip below courtesy of Drink Champs.

Ford also touched on her romance with Drake, a relationship that she claims existed while Drizzy was also seeing model Tocarra Jones years ago.

“Here’s the thing, you’ll never have full confirmation as to what actually transpired,” she said. After doing a bit of back and forth, Melyssa decided to speak more about what may or may not have transpired with Drake. She explained that they’re both Scorpios, both biracial, and Ford said she “really, truly f*cking adored him.”


Check out the full podcast below.