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Montreal Man Gets Exonerated Of Attempted Murder Of Police

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Montreal man exonerated of all charges related to attempted murder of police officer

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In a report from CBC NEWS, Mamadi III Fara Camara has been exonerated of all charges. He was accused of  attempted murder of a Montreal police officer on Jan. 28, Service de police de Montréal (SPVM) Chief Sylvain Caron announced Friday night.

The officer who had the charges laid apologized for the situation that saw Camara get charged with serious crimes and spending six nights in jail. He wants to see Camara in person to make it a face to face apology. He did state the following, “He has nothing to be ashamed of”.

Caron said DNA tests on physical evidence recovered at the scene of the attack made it possible to objectively exonerate Camara.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday morning the arrest and detainment is a “troubling case” and that “there needs to be full light shone on exactly what happened there.”

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