Morris Chestnut Gets Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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Congrats are in order as America’s ‘Grown and Sexy’ heartthrob Morris Chestnut will [finally] receive his star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, according to the official website.

Ana Martinez, who serves as the producer for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, shared her excitement to induct Chestnut as the 2,716th recipient to receive his well-deserved star.

“Morris Chestnut is a man of many talents and one of Hollywood’s favorite leading men who has been seen in some of the entertainment world’s most popular television shows and films,” said Martinez.

“We are proud to welcome him to our famed Walk of Fame where all his fans can come and visit his star.”

The 53-year-old actor first graced our screens in the 1991 cult classic film Boyz In The Hood, which jumpstarted many careers including Ice Cube, Cuba Gooding Jr., Nia Long, and served as the directorial debut for the late John Singleton.

In an exclusive interview with Variety, the actor tells the publication he “wasn’t ready” once he received his big break in Boyz In The Hood and wished he had studied a little bit more.

“If I knew when I was first starting out that I would still be here, I would have focused more on the craft — I would have studied like crazy in the beginning,” he said.

“When I got into this, I got a big break early. I was always trying to look for the next job. But I always ask young actors, ‘What’s your background? Did you take any classes?’ That’s what I tell them most of the time: Study and get the foundation because once you get that, you’ll always be around and you’ll always have opportunities. When you do get that big break, you’re ready for it. When I got that break, I definitely wasn’t ready.”

He also shares while he does enjoy being in front of the camera, he does look to step behind the scenes in the future.

“I have a couple of concepts and ideas” he expressed.

“There’s one, I can’t say it’s a dream role, but it’s just a great project. I can’t speak too much on it because I’m hoping to talk to people about it. But honestly, I also want to produce projects that I’m not in. There’s a lot of talent out there. Being in an industry a long time and seeing what I’ve seen, I think that I would be perfect mentoring someone and bringing someone along.”