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Mr. T’s Daughter Calls Out Rapper Westside Gunn Over Comment

credit: Mr.T

LEGENDS & ICONS IN SPORTS - Kevin Douglas Post

credit: Mr.T

Mr. T’s daughter went on social media to check rapper Westside Gunn for his commentary about her father’s chains being less expensive than the former.

Westside Gunn is a lyrical beast on the mic and he made a comment that caught people’s attention toward the legendary Mr. T. He was known for his flashy look during the 80’s and the Buffalo rapper most likely sees himself in the same vein since he is also known for his designer clothing, jewelry, and loud mouth that backs up his talk.

Westside Gunn is also known for his love of the wrestling business and has used elements of the art to be included in his songs. You can hear throughout his music audio bites of famous wrestling matches, but it has also caused him to get into legal issues over the use.

He once again got into trouble with a former wrestler’s daughter for his use of language online. Tweeting a picture of famous wrestler-turned-actor, Mr. T, draped in numerous gold chains, Gunn wrote, “The Diff between me an Mr T is My smallest chain cost more than all his sh*t #FLYGOD #GXFR #BUFFALOKIDS”

Clark finished the tweet with a sarcastic kissing-face emoji, prompting a Westside Gunn tweet in praise of Mr. T.

“I love MRT I was literally just sitting here thinking how he was so dope for the Culture how he was able to jump into the wrestling world and be fly, get on TV shows, movies, action figures, he was a one of one,” Gunn tweeted.

In 1982, Mr. T was ‘spotted’ by Sylvester Stallone; he was on the TV show “Games People Play,” taking part in “The World’s Toughest Bouncer” contest – tossing two stuntmen about quite casually. His role in Rocky III was originally intended as just a few lines, but Stallone built up the part around the man. Mr. T also appeared in another boxing film, Penitentiary 2, and in a cable TV special, “Bizarre,” before accepting the role of BA in “The A-Team”. The show proved to be a smash hit and established Mr. T as a pop-culture icon of the 1980’s.