MTV May Remove Michael Jackson Vanguard Award


Michael Jackson won many awards in his long and illustrious career. He was also given the prestigious accolade of having his name as apart of an award that is presented by MTV. However, due to the allegations set forth earlier this year, according to new reports, MTV’s coveted Video Vanguard may remove Michael Jackson’s name from the Vanguard award.

“MTV [potentially] banning his name is the latest fallout,” the source added. “They haven’t decided yet, but they’ve been going back and forth on it. There are a lot of issues.”

According to Page Six, a source reveals the name of Michael Jackson is too much of a hot button in 2019 and there is serious consideration to have his name erased from the MTV award. The aftermath of “Leaving Neverland”, although there are mixed reactions and critiquing of the documentary, seems to have caused ramifications for the deceased celebrity.

“There’s a lot of heated discussion at the network about how to handle the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award this year, and it’s getting ugly,” the source says. “There’s talk about if they should change the name, or get rid of it altogether. [There’s also talk] about who would pre­sent it and who would accept it. It’s a mess.”

Drake Rihanna Speech – Rihanna Accepts Michael Jackson Vanguard Award

The award has been honored to some of the biggest acts in history such as Rihanna. During her speech of acceptance, it was remembered for the time Drake professed his love to the Barbadian pop princess.

The year 1984 was the debut of the VMA Video Vanguard Award. It was created to honor the artists and directors that created outstanding visuals for the masses. Michael Jackson, is considered, to be the groundbreaking pioneer of music videos and in 1991, the network renamed it the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award.