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Mulatto Gets Heat For Proclaiming Her Blackness & Topic Erupts

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Mulatto has been rising up the ranks of the hip hop world. She was always seen as a talent on Jermaine Dupri’s reality television show when she was a teenager. The rap name she chose of “Mulatto” has been controversial for years now.

The year 2020 has been a sensitive one in terms of racial issues and Mulatto has landed in some heat for where she stands on this. She was asked a few years ago about how she would like to be identified and told everyone that “like identifying with anything specific” but if she has to, she would say she’s “bi-racial, mulatto, I don’t like saying I’m white or Black.”

Mulatto being recently attacked for stealing wigs before her current fame has fans digging up her past.

The history of America and the 1 percent drop rule saw anyone with any black in them was considered to be black regardless of any other race they were also apart of. Mulatto has been taken to task for her “blackness”.

One person in particular said, “I never liked this bitch she wanna black so bad, hoe HUSHHHHHHH” about the rapper and, in response, Latto said: “I am black dumb ass bitch. Who gone ‘hush’ me???

The touchy topic has moved some fans to even create videos on youtube about Mulatto’s latest social media statement. Do you agree with her backlash or is this more division among the black nation in the United States?