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Naija Wives Of Toronto’s Abby Ayoola Interview Exclusive

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Shea Marie’s Diva & Vixens Podcast Season 2 Episode 3 includes reality tv creator, Abby Ayoola aka “The Bronze Barbie”, from Toronto.

The multi-talented woman discusses her long journey in becoming an entrepreneur that dips into different avenues such as reality television producing, book writing, and fitness.

The co-creator of Naija Wives Of Toronto, Ayoola tells us about the work behind the scenes to create a compelling series for viewers. “It takes a lot of grit and mental, if you are the type of person that gives up easily,  this is not the type of business for you because you will hear a lot of nos.”


Abby Ayoola and the cast of Naija Wives Of Toronto recently released the third season of their series on NBCU backed Afroland streaming platform and she has made the rounds on mainstream media in Toronto about it.


Despite this coverage, Ayoola, made mention of the lack of press she has received in helping to give the show exposure. “The support is just (not) enough here as it is in Hollywood,” says Abby. With some Americans blessings, Ayoola is now expanding her series to included the United States with Naija Wives of Hollywood.


She spoke out in frustration at the lack of support for actually airing the show in Canada stating, “It says Naija Wives Of Toronto, but not one media outlet in Toronto or one streaming platform have contacted us to say you know what we would like to have your show on our platform.”

The “Bronze Barbie” also talked about her other endeavors which include authoring multiple books. Being married to a fitness guru, Abby Ayoola also takes pride in keeping fit and healthy. She provides tips for women on how to remain with a fit body throughout the year and not just for the summer season.

With her experience in life, Ayoola also takes time to give her testimony on how she overcame an abusive relationship. Her determination to be the best she could be, she rose to the occasion to find peace in life with her husband and ambition to take her business to the next level.