Napoleon Reveals Tupac Lost A Finger, Lung & His Voice

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Many fans mourned when Tupac Shakur passed away, but his friend and fellow Outlaw Napoleon revealed he would not have been the same person if he survived the shooting.


Napoleon spoke about the days that led to the demise of the iconic hip hop artist in Las Vegas in an interview.  He explained how he was not in Las Vegas, but did hear about the fight that Shakur got into in the city through phone calls.

Napoleon got word that Tupac got shot from Young Noble and he met with his mother Afeni Shakur after hearing about the incident. He said that Shakur was on the first floor of the hospital which concerned him because death threats were still being sent that the streets were going to finish off the job.

Seeing that there wasn’t enough security to protect Tupac, Napoleon stated the whole Outlawz parked outside of his room and took different turns watching over him to make sure no one came to his room to hurt him.

He did admit his mother was the person who pulled the plug on her son. Napoleon did confirm that Tupac was in a very bad shape despite his mother trying to reassure he was okay when he first got a glimpse of him. Napoleon admittedly was in tears when he did see Tupac Shakur in his room with tubes surrounding him.

The interviewer asked him what made Afeni Shakur decide to pull the plug and he believed it was just too much things being done to him such as the removal of a lung and finger. Perhaps knowing her son very well, she decided it was best for him to not to continue living in that fractured state.

He would not be able to do the things he loved again such as creating music and going to the studio to deliver his powerful messages. In Napoleon’s summation, Afeni felt her son’s pride would not allow him to want to continue life with his condition of being in a hopeless state.

Suge Knight also detailed to Napoleon on the last moments of Tupac’s life before he was put into the hospital. He also talked about how the incident hurt Kadafi who was really close with Tupac since they were toddlers. Napoleon revealed that Kadafi saw the face of the killer.

Check out the clip below.