Napoleon Says Tupac Turned Down Michael Jackson & Walked Out

Napoleon On 2pac Walking Out on Michael Jackson & Not Doing a Song/ Dr. Dre

Former Tupac group member of The Outlawz says a discussion he had with the iconic rapper concerned walking out on Michael Jackson and refusing a collaboration.

There has been a debate lately on whether or not Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur were suppose to have a collaboration together. The son of Quincy Jones stated how Michael Jackson had turned down the idea of a Tupac Shakur collaboration because his loyalty  to his then rival Notorious B.I.G.

As the statement started to spread, many people had their thoughts about the scenario. Regardless, fans were left without the legendary collaboration for the single “Thug Nature.” It was a revised version of Michael Jackson’s classic, “Human Nature” single from the record breaking “Thriller” album.

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Danny Boy, who has collaborated on Tupac Shakur singles such as “Toss It Up,” revealed that he did not believe the statement by QD3. He says he saw Michael Jackson listening to “All Eyez On Me” himself and that MJ was a fan of the iconic rap star.

Napoleon who was apart of 2Pac‘s group, The Outlawz, recently sat down for an interview to reveal there was indeed going to be a Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur collaboration. Napoleon says, “Pac mentioned one time, he was called to the studio to do a song for Michael Jackson,” and continued saying he was “to lay a verse and he told his mother and his family.”

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Napoleon detailed that Shakur was excited at the prospect of having to work with Michael Jackson. However, his enthusiasm soured when he reached the studio and Michael Jackson wasn’t there.

“He got up and left” details Napoleon due to Tupac wanting to meet him. Napoleon continued by explaining the reasoning of Tupac Shakur was “he wasn’t man enough to come say hi to me or speak to me?”

The former Outlaw said Tupac revealed to him that “I don’t want to get on the song” and walked out on Michael Jackson because of the “King Of Pop” not showing up. Napoleon also stated back then it wasn’t as commonplace as today where artists would send songs over email to have collaborations. He says Tupac didn’t just do songs for money with certain artists.

Check out the video clip below.

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