Napoleon Talks Tupac Beef with Jay-Z & Wu-Tang Chain Issue

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

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During the 1990’s Jay-Z represented the east coast during the hip hop rivalry and got involved in beef by default with Tupac Shakur.

The Outlawz group headed by Tupac Shakur are still around to tell the tales of the era. Napoleon has been forthright in his interviews with Art Of Dialogue concerning his insight into stories involving one of the more memorable times in rap history.

Napoleon details the reasons why Tupac had issues with Jay-Z. One of the problems was due to Shakur being of the belief that Jay-Z gave Biggie Smalls the platform to diss him on the single “Brooklyn’s Finest”.

The music video with the two iconic New York rappers also did not sit well with Tupac. Napoleon says Tupac was only reacting to what he felt were insults to him through Jay-Z and Biggie. However, Napoleon explained that he would end up having respect for Jay-Z when he was approached later after his death.

The Rolling Sixties had an issue with Treach of Naughty By Nature because the New Jersey rapper would wear the trademark “Dickie” outfits that were known as a west coast fashion. Napoleon says the gang wanted to speak with Tupac after the incident with Treach and eventually the situation was eased.

Another story included the iconic Wu-Tang Clan where one of Suge Knight’s friends stole the chain from the group, but Tupac got involved by getting the chain recovered back to Wu-Tang.  According to Napoleon it is one of the reasons why Shakur was upset when he got robbed that his then friend Biggie Smalls did not show him the same concern or action of assistance.

Check out the interview below.

As years went by after the deaths of Biggie Smalls and Tupac,  Jay-Z would become a powerful force in not only hip hop, but the business world.  The big what if is where would the two fallen rap stars be today if they didn’t encounter untimely demise?