Napoleon Wants Snoop Dogg To Tell Truth About Tupac Fallout

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The former member of the legendary rap group, The Outlawz, Mutah “Napoleon” Beale, discussed the fallout between Tupac and Snoop Dogg. He is confused about why Snoop is lying about the ending of their relationship and doesn’t tell what really happened.

The drama of the past was brought back up due to a song by Snoop taking a shot at Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G went viral. It caused a few people to wonder why Snoop acted like he never had any beef with Biggie Smalls in interviews in the past.

Tell this day Snoop Dogg continues to blame Tupac for their fallout, but Napoleon said it is time for the west coast hip hop legend to come clean. “Snoop is not coming out clean, for whatever reason. He keep throwing Pac under the bus. He making it seem like Pac is a trouble maker,” Said Napoleon. “I guess he wanna have his positive image. I was the good guy, Pac was the bad guy. No you was in the studio with Pac. You was dissing on him with Pac.”

Napoleon believes Snoop clearing the air will set an example for the hip hop’s younger generation. ”One of the ways that we can put our past behind us, is manning up. Especially if we’re trying to be role models to this youngsters,” explained Napoleon. “I think if Snoop would come around and he do the same thing, that would make him more of a role model in front of these youngsters.”

“This is not an attack on Snoop, cause I’d telling to him in his face,” said Napoleon. “I even touch on some of these things on my book, that how after Pac died I did went straight to Snoop and said some words to him face-to-face in front of the whole Death Row, why Pac was mad at him.”

After the interview was released. Napoleon took to his instagram to release a statement about why he made the comments about Snoop Dogg.

“This is not an attack on anyone, and hope it’s received in a positive way and I hope nobody leave any negative comments under this Post this is not what’s it about, but artist, celebrities, Influencers must also be accountable for our mistakes and wrongdoings and the best way to lead these youngsters is by our experiences,” wrote Napoleon captioning a clip from the interview.

“Explain to them our wrongs and teach them why they shouldn’t walk down the same negative path we chosen. I don’t agree with the way I lived my life 20 years ago, and hope all of us will mature and evolve as we grow. Mistakes comes with life and learning from them give us life.”