Nas Given Key To Queens & Honorary Day

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas



Hip hop legend Nas gets his flowers when he’s alive as he is officially given the key to Queens.

Nas came into the rap world in the 90’s with unprecedented hype as the next Rakim and his debut album “Illmatic” is seen as one of the greatest pieces of hip hop art in history.  He helped to make Queensbridge, New York get known for its ills and communal energy to other regions of the world through his rhymes. According to a report from Revolt, Nas received the key to the borough of Queens, an honor bestowed upon him by President Donovan Richards.
An associate of Richards’ by the name of Franck D. Joseph offered a few celebratory words on Instagram. “Nasir Jones is not only God’s son, but he’s Queens’ son,” he captioned a photo of Nas throwing the candle. “That’s why @drichardsqns presented him with not just a proclamation but also the Key to Queens borough tonight.”

The report notes that Nas was allegedly given the honor following a headlining performance for the Concert to Feed NYC at Queen’s Forest Hill Stadium, a charitable event with proceeds going to the City Harvest food rescue organization. In addition to Nas receiving the key to Queens, it was also decreed that September 23rd would officially mark “Nas Day.”