With the ever-rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and the more-recent rise of NFTs, it was only a matter of time before rap’s best minds got involved. Earlier this year, rapper and former majority owner of streaming platform TIDAL Jay-Z, auctioned off the NFT of his debut album cover, 1996’s Reasonable Doubt for $138,600.

Other hip-hop legends have gotten involved, too. Shortly after launching an NFT collection of his own, Eminem invested in an NFT start-up called “MakersPlace” and Method Man released his own comic book series as an NFT as well.Benny the Butcher, who is *all* about business, recently announced his “Plugs I Met” NFT collection and today, it was announced that two more of hip-hop’s greatest minds, Nas and Pusha T, have invested in Audius, a streaming service built on blockchain (the same technology behind NFTs), which is set to rival the likes of Spotify, Apple Music and the aforementioned TIDAL.