Nat Turner & Harriet Tubman Are Fictional Characters According To Dane Calloway

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North America celebrates black history every February, but what happens if some of that history is fictional?

According to a popular Youtuber by the name of Dane Calloway, “history is written by the losers” instead of the winners. He delves into history by double checking official narratives and goes deeper into archives and historical records. His belief is that some historians have put forth stories to make it appear that they won or things weren’t as they seem for an ulterior motive.

Harriet Tubman is revered in the black community and New York rapper, Bobby Shmurda, recently got a tattoo of the heroine. He has made claims before that have gone against conventional consensus concerning the Trans-Atlantic Trade era of slavery. His latest accounts goes into the stories of slave era heroes of Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner. In his documentaries he states that his research leads him to multiple historic receipts, records and publicly verifiable evidence that Harriet Tubman was created By “An Act Of Congress” and Sarah Bradford in 1869!

Calloway shows his research reveals information concerning the truth about The Underground Railroad being an actual transit system that has been in existence for centuries, and has no correlation with “safe houses” as history so loves to claim.

Do you remember Kanye West’s rant about Harriet Tubman during his infamous presidential campaign launch that she lead slaves to the slavemasters? Could there be any truth to this? Check out Dane Calloway’s documentary below.

If that wasn’t something highly unexpected in the video above, Calloway takes aim at another hero of the slave trade era in Nat Turner. He is famously known for being a preacher that spoke about the slaves should be freed similar to the chapter of “Exodus” when Moses help the Hebrews leave the enslavement of Egypt and Pharaoh.


Dane Calloway uses his style of research to question what the official narrative of this popular slave was. He is suspicious of the story of the violent rebellion in Southampton Virginia in 1831 due to the lack of publicly verifiable evidence of documentation in his view. He believes there was something nefarious about the original author who wrote, copywrited and published the confessions of Nat Turner.

Check out his documentary below!

Dane Calloway definitely has created some intrigue into his claims. Do you agree with his recollection of what the true story is? Does he help or hurt the community with these claims? Are people willing to accept this alternative viewpoint of history? It seems more questions may be asked by the people than the original intent of getting to truth. Then again, isn’t that what documentaries are suppose to do? Time will tell if this narrative will have any impact or acceptance to the current and future generations of black Americans in society.

Dane Calloway followed up his documentaries for people who had more questions over his allegations. He doubles down on his position that it was an act of congress to create characters of slave heroes.