NBA Season Could Be Cut To Only 50 Games

SPORTS NEWS - Mikey Finch Article



NBA just crowned its champion mere weeks ago, but people are gearing up for the new season already. Although there is no start date yet for the 2020-21 season the NBA has been pushing for an earlier start to try and get in as many games as possible.

The players are pushing for a later start in January to get more time to rest before next season. Marc Stein of The New York Times is reporting Friday that the season could be only 50 games long if it starts in late January. This could greatly impact TV revenue.

NBPA executive director Michele Roberts commented on the Dec. 22 start date to The Athletic’s Shams Charania. She, on behalf of the NBA players, feels that a start before Christmas Day defies common sense. Roberts wants the players to have ample time between seasons after having to endure the past year.

“The players are now being asked to re-pack their bags and head back to camp in a little over a month,” Roberts told The Athletic. “The prospective loss of revenue largely forms the basis of this proposal. Since its receipt a week ago, the NBPA — as is our practice — is reviewing and assessing the proposal and its underlying thesis. We will do so as expeditiously as practicable. Our focus will also include an analysis of any relevant health and safety implications. Simultaneously, we will be addressing these issues with our players. And, while we are all anxious to resolve these and other substantive issues outstanding between the parties, we plan to proceed at a pace that provides our players ample opportunity to determine the best way to proceed.”

In the video below, Lakers Nation analyzes what a 50 game season may mean for the reigning NBA Champions.