NBA Youngboy Fans Call J. Prince A Clout Chaser



J. Prince is known as being a strong willed leader in the music world that handles situations behind the scenes when they arise. He seemed to get a little emotionally invested.  The rap mogul had a few chose words for NBA Youngboy due to cold response following an unsolicited intervention after his Texas property was burglarized.

J Prince’s act of kindness in the form of a social media announcement, however, didn’t go so well with YoungBoy, who called out the former for using the opportunity to gain publicity. YoungBoy stated in one of his Instagram OG videos, “It’s plenty ways to get in touch with me. Man, don’t get on no internet and do naan publicly. Don’t do naan dealin’ with no f**kin’ publicity. None of that p***y a** s**t. I’m good on them keys, gangsta. When you buy that s**t cash, two keys come with the car anyways. Mind your f**kin’ business, man.”

“I see you took my kindness for weakness,” Prince, 54, scolded. “But you a dumb boy with limited thinking abilities and disrespectful, talking slick and acting like you and your brother wasn’t down with me letting it be known your mob ties connect.”

Given the age difference, many felt the man who once mentored Scarface, the Geto Boys and Floyd Mayweather would have a little more couth when dealing with a young adult. NBA Youngboy has not responded, but his fans sure have on social media.