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Neighbors Call Cops On Rick James Daughter

Neighbors Call The Cops On Rick James’ Daughter For Having A House Party
There were accusations of drugs and alcohol.

Rick James‘ daughter apparently knows how to party and her neighbors aren’t happy. They complained after a house party, according to them, had drugs, alcohol and semi-nudity.

Ty James reportedly brought property for $2 million and had a housewarming party that upset her new neighbors. They called the police and complained of drugs, alcohol, semi-nudity and up to a thousand people showing up.

WSB-TV reports one resident named Amy Baker complained, “We called the police and told them there were people walking through the neighborhood with open containers of alcohol and with drugs. And they told us they could not do anything about that. They said, ‘We have to see it.’”

Another resident named Katherine Schendel said, “There was a lot of seminudity and drugs and alcohol out in the streets. There were cars parked all up and down our street. On both sides of our street, potentially blocking emergency vehicles from getting through.” She also claimed to have “checked and the county does not show a permit for a public event at the house.”

The next party is allegedly scheduled for Labor Day, which they want to stop. “We’re concerned about our property values. They don’t need to be walking down the middle of the street in thongs and smoking dope,” Schendel said.

Gwinnett police are meeting with residents and looking into their complaints.

11 Alive reports, “The owner of the property, Ty James, said no one was arrested, and there was no reason to call police. She said no one was charged to attend, and the party was open to the public, so they neighbors should have stopped by. ”

James did not want to go on camera but maintained her guests were respectful. See the news clip below, which includes images from the property.