Netflix Removes Chappelle Show Series After Comedian Request

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Netflix Removes “Chappelle’s Show” Because Dave Chappelle Wasn’t Being Paid


Comedian Dave Chappelle was not happy with the streaming platform Netflix running his classic “Chappelle Show”. He had requested that Netflix remove his Comedy Central series due to the fact that Viacom CBS licensed the series without ever paying him. Chappelle jumped on Instagram and posted an 18 minute video titled “Unforgiven” and broke down the issues he had with payments and discovered Netflix was streaming his tv show.

Chappelle also has exclusive stand up comic shows with the platform, so it was a shock to the comedian that the company had this arrangement without his knowledge.

Chappelle continued in the video, “How could they not– how could they not know? So you know what I did? I called them and I told them that this makes me feel bad. And you want to know what they did? They agreed that they would take it off their platform just so I could feel better. That’s why I f*ck with Netflix. Because they paid me my money, they do what they say they’re going to do, and they went above and beyond what you could expect from a businessman. They did something just because they thought that I might think that they were wrong. And I do — I think that if you are f*cking streaming that show you’re fencing stolen goods.”

Although Chappelle got a victory in this dispute, the classic show is still available for streaming on ViacomCBS’s Comedy Central, CBS All Access outlets, and HBOMax.