Netflix To Run Vince Mcmahon Documentary Series

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WWE has been an integral part of pop culture ever since it rose to prominence in the 1980’s under the popularity of stars such as Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Randy Savage, and more. Then during the late 90’s saw a resurgence of popularity with stars such as The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

The company saw name changes (formerly the World Wrestling Federation) and even a battle for survival when they faced stiff competition from the now defunct WCW (Hulk Hogan jumped ship and began the infamous NWO).

Now the story of Vince Mcmahon is coming to Netflix in documentary form. The docuseries is set to be one of the highest budgeted Netflix docuseries of all-time. The release date for Netflix’s untitled McMahon project is currently unknown. Wrestling Observer reports that a multi-part documentary about the life and career of McMahon is coming to Netflix. The series will be produced by Bill Simmons, who previously served as producer of HBO’s wrestling doc Andre the Giant.

As everyone knows who have watched any pro wrestling in the last three decades understands how transformative Vince Mcmahon was for the business. Turning it into a billion dollar business when he purchased it from his father in the early 1980’s.

Vince Mcmahon during the 80’s kept a low profile in terms of being the top dog of the organization. Canada’s Jack Tunney was known as the President of the company, but in actuality was only president of the Canadian arm. He was represented as the president on television for the whole league. That all changed at the start of the 90’s when Mcmahon was facing jail time for steroid distribution and it became very public that he was indeed the boss.


He became apart of the on screen antics when fallout came from what is dubbed as the “Montreal Screwjob” of his former World Champion who was leaving for the competitor of WCW was pushed out unceremoniously in Canada. Bret Hart would become bitter enemy with the company he worked for decades, but it also led to “Mr. Mcmahon” being born. Eventually, after the death of his brother Owen Hart and receiving a stroke, did Vince and Canadian Bret Hart patch up their differences decades later.

As you can see, this documentary has many layers and no doubt will be interesting for wrestling fans and even non fans with the story of how Vince Mcmahon created his empire.