“Never Free Again” Was Cop Operation On NBA Youngboy Says Lawyer

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A motion was filed by NBA Youngboy’s lawyer to release artist under claims that the police operation to arrest the rapper was called “Never Free Again.”
NBA Youngboy has been incarcerated since his March arrest and isn’t scheduled for a pre-trial release. His lawyer has plans to change that predicament due to an action by the arresting team.

According to documents obtained by TheShadeRoom, NBA Youngboy’s attorneys filed a motion for his pre-trial release. The grounds for their motion comes after they claimed they were “blindsided” by the arrest. The rapper’s legal team stated that they never received any sort of warning about the arrest that would’ve allowed for voluntary surrender. The biggest revelation in the motion is the claims that the arrest was simply done to bring down NBA Youngboy’s brand. The reason being the title of the operation which played off of the rapper’s name.