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New 2Pac Biopic In Works – The Rise & Fall Of Makaveli The Don

rise & fall of makaveli

This is Venom with your weekly #OldschoolSaturday segment. This week, I take a look at the question that Tupac historian, Makaveli Media, addressed concerning the diss song, Against All Odds. The question that popped up wondered if Tupac called out Kool G Rap.

A few weeks ago, our working partner, Breaking Wreckords Radio, had their interview with the legendary Kool G Rap posted for #OldSchoolSaturday. Now during the interview with Maloney, it was noted that no rapper has actually ever called out Kool G Rap or really went to war with the lyrical assassin. However, there are fans who believe this theory not to be true. Makaveli Media gives his take about the situation below.

Kool G Rap and Tupac Shakur had a friendship that had them bonding during the historic LA Riots in the early 1990’s.

It was also announced this week by close friend of Tupac’s family, Kristen Parcus, that the cousin of 2Pac (William Lesane) will be releasing a biopic entitled “The Rise and Fall Of Makaveli”.

The project has been in the works for some time and WWETV Atlanta Host Ms. Goldi interviewed Tupac’s other cousin who revealed the information a couple of years back.