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New 5 Female Supergroup NADUH release R U DUMM

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“Vancouver’s new super group embraces their sexuality and bodies – romance, empowerment, zero barriers. Their narrative plays coy, with provocative details weaved into the lyrics that can only revel in freedom.” – Permanent Rain Press

Feb 26, 2021 – Following up their debut track, Mawnin,’ released in August, 2020, NADUH, the five piece pussy posse, starts off 2021 posing the question ‘R U Dumm?’ with new video and single via Toronto-based imprint, Distorted Muse.

NADUH’s debut video showcases their undeniable chemistry and laid-back, West Coast demeanor. Shot by Vancouver director, Jess Wong, R U DUMM? reeks of 90’s gritty style, filmed with a fisheye lens and handy cam in downtown Vancouver between a ‘No Trespassing’ zone and rare vintage luxury car garage, Supermodel Design. The video features the incredibly rare Datsun 240Z, which will have car lovers swooning and aligns with the many car references in the track. You can spot NADUH looking nonchalant, blunt in hand, while legendary West Coast race car drifter, Josh Whitehead, burns circles around them.

NADUH’s producer, Taraneh, collaborated with Vancouver producer,Jodye, blending their dark, hip-hop based production styles to co-produce a bass heavy banger. The song begins with the giggling group reminiscing about many a-dumm. Larisa starts the track off with the perfect “swerve on you” attitude, followed by big daddy Jenny in the hook asking the question on everyone’s mind, “Is it true? You know, about the dumm thing?” In NADUH’s signature soft/hard style, Giorgi breaks it down, accenting the emotional turmoil that can be caused by said dumm. She closes with her boundaries strong, solidifying this track as an empowerment anthem wrapped up in a “know your worth” bow.


NADUH describes themselves as a galactic femme supergroup hailing from so-called “Vancouver”. Dancing between themes of empowerment and juicy realness, Jenny Lea (of I M U R), Larisa Marie, Rosita Alcantara (of Off Topic), Giorgi Holiday (aka Giorgi), and Taraneh (aka Tee Krispil), write, engineer, and produce all of their music with influences from 90’s R&B, Soul, and modern hip-hop. Noticing the severe lack of female groups in the genre, NADUH are filling the proverbial industry thigh gap by empowering one another, crafting a sound that’s truly representative of their collective energy with each track made with love and for the people.

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