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New ALLBLK Streaming Service Focuses On Black Programming

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Netflix has the monopoly on streaming platforms in terms of the chunk of online viewers who are addicted to streaming programming online such as movies, television shows, documentaries, and more.

When former President of the United State, Barack Obama, got a piece of the Netflix pie, the platform started to dedicate sections of their site to black programming with playlists that cater to an urban audience.

Now there’s a new streaming service that will got at Netflix in this department. ALLBLK, a new streaming service dedicated to Black programming.

AMC Network announced the rebranding last year. Formally known as UMC, the service streamed Black TV shows and film.

The streaming service was first launched by BET founder Robert L. Johnson in 2014.


According to their press release, the new streaming service gives the world a service that caters to and “unapologetically – Black.”

Furthermore, the streaming service will provide opportunities for Black creatives to showcase their work.

(Via ALLBLK YouTube)
ALLBLK streaming nostalgic movies/TV shows

You can catch nostalgic movies such as ‘New Jack Swing,’ featuring Wesley Snipes and Ice-T.

Additionally, the streaming service will feature mini docuseries. One docuseries to watch out for is ‘A Closer Look.’

The music docuseries will deep dive into high profile music artists and give viewers a behind the scenes look at their lives and how their music topped the charts.

R&B 90’s singer and heartthrob, Brian McKnight will be featured on the second episode.

Recently, Netflix started streaming popular Black sitcoms like ‘Sister, Sister,’ ‘Moesha,‘ and ‘Girlfriends.’

Unfortunately, the new streaming service is not available in Canada as yet.

However, for those living in the U.S. the new service is part of AMC Networks bundle, costing $4.99/month or $49.99/year.