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New Footage of 2pac, Ice Cube, & Ice T

ice cube ice t

The west coast rap scene was undoubtedly put on the map by the legendary rappers turned actors of Ice Cube and Ice T. Both men played huge roles in the 90’s in rap and in movies depicting life in the warm setting of Los Angeles.

When New York bred hip hop icon, Tupac Shakur, decided to make LA his home, the westcoast hip hop scene went to another level due to Tupac’s rise and rivalry with the east coast.

However, new footage has reached online (credit The Thoro Network) with Tupac Shakur in the studio with Ice Cube and Ice T. It is such a historic footage in the annals of hip hop. It took place in 1993 as Ice Cube and Ice T are recording the single “The Looters” and 2pac is recording “Lazt Wordz”.