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New Photo of Faith Evans & Tupac Appears Online

It’s #OldSchoolSaturday on WWETV, but there is a twist. Yours truly, Venom, has found new information an old soap opera. The saga of Tupac Shakur and Faith Evans still rages on long after the iconic rapper has passed away. There is still intrigue from fans on what exactly occurred between Shakur and the wife of Notorious BIG. The speculation continues due to Evans denying any wrongdoing and other parties saying differently.

The latest person to add fuel to the fire is the former head of security for Death Row Records. During an interview with Cam Capone News, Reggie tells his own experience when it comes to Faith and Tupac. “They were sitting in a little, we call it a red room. It’s like a little private room, no bigger than a bathroom. They had a little couch in there. That’s where ni**** to either womp on somebody or mainly to go and hook up with a chick. And He was sitting in that room. For some reason I was going in to that room. Or checking around, doing studio checks and all. And they were in there and he was pushing at that time her head down towards his gentiles. That’s all I saw,” says Reggie Wright Jr.

Delray Richardson also seems to go into detail on items he knows surrounding the meetings between Tupac and Faith Evans. He gives a step by step recounting of 2pac and Faith Evans. There is one thing for people to recall something back in 1996, but it is a very telling when in 2019, a new photo of Tupac with Faith Evans and others have surfaced. The photo was taken during the ‘Waiting To Exhale’ release party on November 14, 1995.

Tupac Shakur Faith Evans brownstone waiting to exhale
Waiting To Exhale release party, Tupac & Faith Evans

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